Collage on paper

Big City Life sometimes gives me the feeling of losing my connection to nature or what our romantic imagination of this concept might be. As it happened, looking out of my window into the rather bleak courtyard of my apartment made me feel trapped in concrete. On a global scale, the ongoing urbanization makes it more and more normal for human beings to spend their lives in multistory buildings surrounded by countless others.
Of course public park resources and trips to the countryside can help the urban citizen to stay in touch with the the so called „environment“ – but what does one see visiting rural areas or just staring out of train windows on the way from one to the other urban area? A surrounding almost entirely formed by human beings. In fact, in countries like Germany, it is hardly possible to find spots that could be described as “natural” and untouched by human hands.
Following my point of view the contradictions between human- made structures and natural formations base on an outdated thinking, of which our generation might be the last one to follow it. Our imagination of pure nature is a medial product, combining impressions from the fairy tales our parents used to read for us and touristic advertisement campaigns.
With a few rare exceptions to consider todays nature is what we have made of it – a hybrid construction of concrete and trees, water and streets.