Gaia (2017-)
multi exposure digital photography

„We are on a mission: to build the earth we are appointed.“

The name Gaia roots in indogermanic culture and is related to the biological function of giving birth. It could be seen as just another expression for mother earth. In my body of work i want to address the topic of mankinds ongoing search for a new mother in other parts of our solar system. Starting out in the 1960s with James Lovelocks „Gaia Hypothesis“ in which the british scientist described the small scale biological processes defining our planets ability to house life, humans reached for the stars trying to find possible alternatives that could be made earthlike.Early in this outlook for potential new Gaias one planet caught humans attention– Mars.At the beginning of the 21st century the new planetary age called anthropocene clarifies our ability to willingly or unwillingly change our environments look and functionallity on a planetary scale.
On the one hand predicted consequences arising from manmade climate change will most probably make it impossible to maintain the life we lived as early as the end of the century. On the other hand the unwilling environmental changes humans caused since the times of the industrial revolution also make clear how immense our technological potential is when it comes to the restructuring of our our surroundings.
Terraforming is not the latest concept but since the last couple of years various scientific programms beginn to reconsider the ways Mars could be made habitable.
What kind of nature could we install on Mars in order to create a new Gaia? What could a manmade hybrid between the blue and the red planet look like? Could we be able to send over fragments of earths nature as bottle messages in order to fertilize a conglomeration of red rocks and frozen water? Does all this make sense or should we rather concentrate all our scientific energy and budgets on saving our own Gaia? In order to visualize my thoughts i combined computer screen images of Mars surfaces made by technological devices such as space orbiters with images of real nature from planet earth.
The bottle message concept is a glasscube filled with moss.
The plant is considered to be the most promising natural pioneer to cultivate a new Gaia.